Where do you stand?

Although the modalities I work with can be used for all personal challenges, here an overview to help you choosing a method. 

Where do you stand now?

1) In the Blossoming:

Have you been postponing to take care of areas in your life that need balancing and do you feel you have a lot of issues to heal but don’t know where to start? Are you stuck or somewhat confused now, undergoing a crisis of meaning or purpose BUT are determined to progress and live pro-actively? Then let us begin with checking your high-priority challenges which block your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. During a Reading session I scan your field and this way you’ll get naturally also indications for the next steps to take on your path.
Aura Clearing & Soul Retrieval
Reading & Clearing
High Frequency Alignment

2) On Soul Mission:

Are there – despite your many years of spiritual practice, inner processing work and therapy hours – old sabotaging thought-, behaviour-, illness- or relationship- patterns, you keep on falling back on? Then, let’s clear the root cause of these imprints, influences and energetic or emotional charges, which prevent that you evolve and embody your true essence. We’ll release the handbrakes in your system. Focus is on the purity of your motivations and incorruptible integrity.
Aura Clearing & Soul Retrieval
Reading & Clearing


3) Towards Self Mastery:

Do you wish to deepen and strengthen your connection to yourself, the spiritual dimension of life and your source of creativity and opulence? Are you committed to being as conscious in life and in your relationships as possible, and make a positive contribution to the environment? OR are you looking for support during a specific life transition? Then dive into a harmonious and intense resonance space in which we can dissolve deep-rooted aspects that interfere with the integrity of your field. The power of pure consciousness and universal high-frequency energy allow the refinement of your multidimensional perception and the cultivation of your heart qualities and conscious communication, which further increase vibrations for positive synchronicities in your life.
Aura Clearing & Soul Retrieval
Spiritual Mentoring

And Meditation is the eternal companion anyway.

The focus of my work is on your empowerment. You can: 
  • clear the root cause of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual issues
  • remove health blockages and dis-ease 
  • release financial constraints and poverty consciousness
  • shed destructive thought-, belief-, relationship- and behaviour- patterns
  • let go of emotional charges
  • dismiss negative energies from your aura and your environment
  • refresh and empower your energy household
  • align with your higher self and embody your highest potential
  • get to know yourself as a multidimensional, potent being – well grounded and divinely connected