Yoga Practice Support


One’s yoga practice can be an intensely emotional journey – especially the yoga teacher training (TTC) – and this often catches practitioners off-guard.

Cellular and subconscious imprints can surface and bring up emotions and painful memories, linked to past experiences (e.g. childhood) and traumata (from this life or as carry over from past lives, or due to lineage imprints).

When we work with our body, we also always come into contact with our emotions and our energy household. For example, our breathing rhythm (which varies during different movements) is closely related to our feelings and can therefore trigger emotional charge. And equally can certain pain spots in our body push us into feeling long-forgotten or ‘well-ignored’ emotional and energetic knots until we release them consciously.

If you would like support for clearing your subtle system and releasing the root causes of unresolved conflicts or sabotaging thought- and behaviour patterns, I am here for you. I offer 1:1 sessions and programs in person and via zoom – adhoc and longterm.