Bust Illusions & Return to your Driver seat

The hardest part for those who embody compassion and integrity: to ACCEPT that there are beings that are not only perfectly alright with manipulating and deceiving others but also thrive when they can trick their significant other, business partner, followers or entire populations into a situation that is beneficial only for themselves.

And to ADMIT to ourselves that our gut feeling was correct all along, that our intuition has warned us, but that we dismissed our inner nudges, is painful too. We let ourselves down. Had more trust in the deceiver and their shenanigans, than in ourselves.

It is important to allow ourselves to grief that we have been duped, and that we have ignored the red flags on the way.

Taking full response-ability for the problems that consequently arouse and the mess we might be, puts us back in the driver seat of our lives. No point in blaming the other because it was us who made a mistake. We did not listen to our own inner voice!

When confronted with our own weakness, namely our lack of SELF-LOVE, it can be infuriating and saddening but above all, it is sobering.

We really were not that integrated after all! That’s the truth and our realisation can be like a shock, or small death. The death of an illusion. A false identification and related discordant subconscious programming. And it is OK!

Blinded by our wishful thinking, naivete and a sort of automated survival response (Stockholm Syndrome), we glorified the abuser, denied dark distortions and believed in the other’s great potential (that we indeed sensed but sadly the other did not see it in him / herself).

Once the spell is broken, we should ask: Why? How come? as well as: Is this a repeated life pattern? How do I get out of the complicated, destructive situation I got myself manoevered into? And how can this be avoided in the future?

These questions go deep. Because the victim / victimiser archetype and enslavement / saviour programming run rampant in people’s personal lives as well as in society at large.

I’m helping those who wish to cognise and CLEAR the rootcause of such issues, and MOVE ON in new good directions. Step up, rise and blossom anew.

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