Understand those trapped in a Fear Bubble

Maybe you have noticed that quite a lot of people live in fear these days. And that neither common sense nor the best arguments can pull them out of their anxiety or panic bubble.

You might think this is a new facet of them, but no. Most likely they have been living like this all their lives. Their fears were latently always there but successfully covered up by activities, work, hobbies, “outer successes” or whatever else kept them busy. Basically their fears and fragmentations were masked.

So it is nothing new which suddenly pops up in the people around you, it just becomes more obvious now as the worldwide crisis pushes our buttons and triggers unresolved issues in each and everyone of us. Whether unhealed emotional wounds, false identifications and beliefs, limiting archetypal programming (victim / victimiser / saviour / martyr), deep-seated fears or ego traps.

People’s nervous systems tend to be calibrated like that since childhood, and so this tense, fearful and unnatural way of “living” is familiar to them. But above all their biochemical-hormonal-psychospiritual circuitries are well-established. And with that the perception of themselves and the world around them. Their thoughts and behaviours have created deep neurological pathways in the brain, just like paths often walked. In addition to that, repeated negative thoughts (conscious or subconscious) typically create larger thoughtforms which develop into entities. And these pull in further negative attachments (e.g. discarnates) that resonate with those low vibrations and actually increase fears and anxieties as well as compulsions, obsessions or addictions.

This vicious cycle and bubble of entrapment can be exited by doing inner work – by taking full responsibility for ourselves, introspection, honest reality-check, healing, soul retrieval, inner child integration, energetic clearing and by doing the necessary life changes (outer work)…

Ironically, while we are urged to cover our faces, increasingly more masks are falling in a figurative sense. What’s real gets unvealed. Probably making us feel uncomfortable. At the same time, it is offering the opportunity to shift gear, step up, realign with our true selves, soul and spirit, and make new choices. Recall our inherent powers, and spread our wings.


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