Revelations & Liberation

Manipulation by dark energies is not a new phenomenon. Just that the dimensional veils are increasingly thinning and more people wake up to the fact that they are being manoeurvered, deceived, enticed and siphoned in various ways. However, the manipulation happens only according to our own core wounds and misunderstandings.

And it is important to drop the victim role and take response-ability for what is happening in our lives.

We have to shed what we are not and re-member what we are. Because every gap in our system, even the smallest, gets amplified now and potentially (ab)used in the months ahead. And it can happen through hijack or seduction. It is known that hidden hostile forces can take advantage of our weaknesses, blind spots and lower nature.

This is a great opportunity to heal and find completion. All dysfunctions, piggybacking and co-dependencies are getting revealed. Be it repeated destructive thought and behaviour patterns, toxic relationships and lifestyles, emotional triggers and dissociations from trauma past, false philosophies and gurus, lies, dis-eases or aspects in the area of work and profession which may be out of alignment with your spirit.

Dark energies, entities or discarnate to name a few, can use our shortcomings and corruptibility as power over us to drag us down into lower vibrations. This can include seeming quick fix solutions, repeated money issues or technical issues, emotional stress, compulsive consumption and an assortment of attacks through other people…

Those who do not choose liberation, will separate due to frequency clash. Timelines split is real.

#MaraDemon #asuras #HostileForces #sincerity #vigilance #integrity #holisticHealing #transcendence #liberation #adivinespace

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